Using the Timer function

The timer lets you set the time (in minutes) after which the sounds will slowly fade out.

Press the settings button settings_button and set the timer. Let’s first try a 20-minute countdown.

Pressing the + minus_button or – minus_button buttons will adjust the timer (in minutes). The timer starts the countdown immediately.

Create a calming ambiance using nature’s sound. It’s good to do it because music may stop playing at some point as it’s never the same and composition algorithm may finish it if you do not interact with sound-orbs sound-orb .

20 minutes later, the countdown will finish. The overall sound volume will gradually fade out.

The timer also has an extra option that enables you to quit the Relaxing Soundscape application after the countdown finishes – ‘Auto quit on time out auto_quit_timer_option . It can be useful when you do not want your android phone or tablet to drain battery running the application while you are asleep.