Using the Alarm function

Press the settings button settings_button

Pressing the + minus_button and minus_button buttons will adjust the time at which the alarm will go off.

Press the ‘Set Alarm‘ set_alarm_button button to enable the alarm.overall_volume
In order for Alarm to be able gradually to increase the volume to wake you up, the overall sound volume should be set low now.

Notice the icons in the upper left corner indicating the alarm is enabled alarm_enabled_icon , as well as the extra beep sound beep_enabled_icon .

When the alarm goes off, the volume gradually increases to wake you up.
If the beep sound is disabled, there will be no extra alarm sound (beep) and only the volume of the music and the sounds of nature would increase.

Remember that the Relaxing Soundscape app has to be open and active for alarms to work!

To silence the alarm, touch the green pulsing circle in the middle of the screen.