Quick Start Guide

The main view of Relaxing Soundscape lets you play and arrange music with the sound-orbs, play sounds with the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The music starts to play from the very beginning. It’s always random. The music is never exactly the same and you have an ability to influence the flow of the composition by tapping  the sound-orbs sound-orb to play the sound or by dragging them to a new location, to make a change in music timing. The closed the sound-orbs to each other, the faster the sounds will be generated.

Nature sounds are played by pressing the dark green buttons green_buttons at the bottom of the screen. There you find a large and growing number of high-quality nature sounds to choose from. They can be played in any combination. You can create an ambiance of the meadow, the ambiance of the seaside, mild wind in the middle of the forest with singing birds, rainy weather, or be even more specific and creative to enjoy the bonfire at night near a slowly shimmering mountain brook.

The settings button settings_button brings extra options on the screen: nature sounds volume control, timer, alarm, and the clock display option.