Relaxing Soundscape is a musical composition application created to help people who experience difficulty sleeping, difficulty falling or staying asleep or who just can’t disconnect from everyday tasks and thought, or not being able to relax or be at ease while at home or at work.

People use it to to get to sleep easier, prevent insomnia, relieve anxiety or stress by creating instant calming and soothing sound atmospheres.

It can be used as a meditation app that tracks the time for you in a non-intrusive way, making your breathing exercise, yoga or meditation more pleasing and effective.

It can stimulate creativity and focus during studies or while performing other creative thinking tasks.

You can use it to calm children before bed.

It can be used also as a simple and unique alarm clock to wake you up calmly and without disturbing.

You will be able to listen to algorithmic music composition’s sound that I specially designed for tranquility, calm, relax and sleep, plus 20 more sounds of nature that I have recorded myself. This number will grow in time as I travel and record even more out in the field. For now you can listen to sound elements ranging from rain, brook, meadows, birds, through waterfall, fire, sea and subtle susurrus of leaves in the forest. The sounds can be played in any combination to create any desired ambiance.

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